In early 2016, Taekwondo East, under the tutelage of Master Ken Kretchmar, transitioned to Mt. Washington Taekwondo (MWTKD) under the leadership of Master John Ritter III and Master Nicole Dangelo. Master Kretchmar’s lessons of humility, honesty, respect, perseverance, and self-control will continue through this transition, as Master Kretchmar was Master Ritter’s first instructor. Taekwondo is one of hundreds of martial arts and focuses the most on kicking. Kicking drills build strength, flexibility, stamina, and agility. Taekwondo is an excellent way to get into and maintain good physical health.

Not only will the student learn the Korean Art of Taekwondo, but at MWTKD there will be a strong focus on self-defense and breakfall techniques to become a well-rounded martial artist.

MWTKD is associated with the Taekwon Moodo Association (TMA). The TMA, lead by Grandmaster Ron Hickey, is the local association under which we will promote our students.

Teaching Kukkiwon, which is the international certifying body for Taekwondo, allows any student to come into our school from another Kukkiwon school and be able to jump right in. This allows for unity among our students and opens the door to the competitive circuit.