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First Dan Black Belt

First Dan is a complicated Dan. At this rank students will sometimes go through a phase of inconsistent training. They begin to rest on their laurels, act like they are rock stars, and strut around like they have ‘arrived’. This attitude will cause performance to decline. It will be the challenge of you, the student, to stay sharp and improve, instead of having their Navy Belt be your best rank to date. First Dans (along with 4th Dan) are at a point where many will stop training seriously or stop training all together. The student must rely on their desire and conviction for Taekwondo for them to successfully traverse this rank.

All testing material from previous ranks will be required EVERY DAY.

Test Material

Forms: Keumgang

One-Steps: Optionals
1-40 with Left Hand

Judo Throws: 1-10, with correct terms

Self-defense: Club

Hapkido: 1-6

Essay: TBA

Breaking: 6 Board Routine. Student’s choice. Must be approved by your Master(s) at least two weeks before the test.

Sparring: 2 on 1, Full Pads, typically against equal or higher ranks.

1 credit test required before Promotion Test

The Spiderman Philosophy:
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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