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Blue Belt (4th Gup)

The color blue symbolizes the plant reaching for the heavens. The plant digs deep into the soil with its strong roots and forms the solid foundation for mature growth. You begin to understand your strengths and weaknesses. In this stage you turn the corner and head toward Black Belt success.

 All testing material from previous ranks will be required.

Test Material

Forms: Taegeuk Yuk Jang

Self-defense (Pressure Points)

One-steps: 26-30

Paper: The difference between Taekwondo and (insert martial arts name)

Board Breaks:
Foot technique: Flying Side Kick (Obstacle)
Hand technique: Speed Punch

Sparring: 1-on-1, Full Pads

 Goal Brown Belt (3rd Gup)

‘We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.’
Lloyd Alexander

*Optionals are one-steps that you design yourself. You are also REQUIRED to know the numbered one-steps. At this rank you should be able to understand one-steps enough to know how to design your own. Instructors are looking for you to build on your skills and demonstrate your abilities in both the Art form (how the one-step looks) and the Martial form (the practical purpose of the one-step) of Martial Arts.

You are able to add pages with your written optionals, but don’t be afraid to modify or adjust them. This process is about development, and writing the one-step down is merely an aid to help you remember.