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Navy Belt (1st Gup)

The Navy belt is a darker shade of blue because of the mixed in black color. The reason blue is used again is because now is a time for you to reach for the sky. Now you have passed the stage of shedding blood: just sweat and hard work remain. At this point you should be taking in everything around you and using it wisely. Taking notes and asking questions should be second nature by now, but also you must know how to take what you have learned, break it down, and teach it to others.

All testing material from previous ranks will be required.

Test Material

Form: Koryo

One-steps: Optionals

Takedowns and Throws



Sparring: 2-on-1, Full Pads

 Lead warm-ups and line drills.
Teach more than one student at a time.
Teach in front of a group.

 Paper: 10 Question Thesis (approx. 1 page answer to each question) (FINAL DRAFT)

Foot Technique: Speed Wheel
Hand Technique: Brick Break

Goal: Navy Belt with Black Stripe (1st Dan Mid)

A True Champion Never Quits.