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Purple Belt (5th Gup)

The color purple symbolizes the beautiful color the setting sun casts upon the sky as it sinks beneath the horizon. The plant that has been nurtured by the sun’s light must trust in its return after the night. You must not panic with the amount of knowledge you have nor dread how far you have to go on your Taekwondo journey. Instead, you must practice physical and mental self-control/discipline as you move into the second half of your gup training.

All testing material from previous ranks will be required.

Test Material

Forms: Taegeuk O Jang


Breakfalls: Front, Left Side, Right Side, Back

One-steps: 21-25

Paper: What has Taekwondo taught you about yourself?

Other: Flag Etiquette (see intro)

Board Breaks:
Foot technique: Ax Kick
Hand technique: Ridge Hand

Sparring: 1-on-1, Full Pads

Goal Blue Belt (4th Gup)

Self-discipline: doing something that we don’t like to do, but we like the results after we are done.
Paraphrased Andy Andrews