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Yellow Belt with White Stripe
(9th Gup)

The second step your Taekwondo journey is a yellow belt with a white stripe through the center. Yellow symbolizes numerous things such as sunshine and growth, but also caution. With new knowledge and techniques gained must come humility, patience, respect, and most importantly self-control. You must work extra hard at this stage to develop good, strong habits and begin to form your solid martial arts foundation.

All testing material from previous ranks will be required.

New Techniques Taught at this Rank:

Kicks: Crescent, Reverse Crescent, Ax

Hand Strikes: Knife Hand Strike, Back Fist

Test Material

Forms: Taegeuk Il Jang

One-steps: 1-5

Terminology: Korean Terms Section 2

Fighting Combinations: 4-6

Board Breaks:
Foot technique: Side Kick
Hand technique: Reverse Punch

Sparring: 1-on-1, Light Contact, with pads

Goal Yellow Belt (8th Gup)


‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.’
Zig Ziglar